In the printmaking workshop, students can work with the traditional graphic techniques of relief printing, intaglio printing and lithography. As well as the extensive expertise of both managers, the workshop offers litho presses, etching presses, a letterpress and the required tools. Materials such as zinc, linoleum and paper can be purchased in the workshop. There is a stock of litho stones up to ± 60 x 80 cm in size. 

Generally, a printing form is manually modified by engraving or cutting or drawing on it, but the workshop also has the possibility to transfer a digital image to a traditional printing form of up to 70 x 90 cm in size. The workshop has stocks of different colours and types of printing ink and other consumables. Usually, students can start working on a project without making an appointment. The work is often quite time-consuming. Experimentation is encouraged and enthusiastically supported.

Rietveld students can look here for detailed information on opening hours and instructions.