‘You Hypocrite Reader – my double’

Ceramics, wood

Ceramics department project

Suzanne Adelmeijer, Sunwoo Jung, Marion Schmid,  Sophie Stiller, Alexis Stephenson, Birce Dar, Chandra Conforti, Columba Williams, Jesper Dobbeling, Jan Wester

Supervisors: Adam Colton, Kaleb de Groot and Eylem Aladogan

The poem To the Reader (taken from the book Flowers of Evil) by Charles Baudelaire was the Ceramic department’s point of departure when realizing this collaborative work. It is an ironic view of the human condition as Baudelaire sees it: human beings long for good but yield easily to the temptations placed in their path by Satan because of the weakness inherent in their will. People can feel remorse, but know full well, even while repenting, that they will sin again. 

The poem allowed the students to fabulate their own alternative space, a space that lives beyond good and evil, where opposite directions are simultaneously united into one physical world.

Keywords: Fabulation, Failure, Fool