Manipulated Truth

Mixed media

Architectural Design department project

Nikolai Kold Aarre, Lene Antonopoulos, Herman Berge, Kaja Boudewijn, Britt van Dam, Wimke Dekker, Robbie Doorman, Neza Kokol, Floriane Libilbehety, Yuriy Krupey, Gabija Nedzinskaite, Tania Phuong, Valter Törsleff

Supervisors: Elena Khurtova & Marie Ilse Bourlanges

First-year Architectural Design students present their individual investigations into the physicality and meaning of objects through the process of reproduction. To copy something inevitably implies a form of alteration and transformation. Does it become a form of manipulation? Can we trace back the original? Each work aims at creating an alternative narrative transcending the original object, uncovering new meanings and implications.

Keywords: Alteration, Distortion, Copy