ATM Inside

Moving boundaries

DesignLAB  department project

Marthe Wille, Masha Volkova, Jeanne Tresvaux du Fraval, Aivaras Sirvinskas, Pam Sikkink, Malin Ryberg, Maud Paul, Lotte Ooms, Frederikke Legaard, Karelle Letrange, Jin Lee, Antoine Dauvergne, Clementina Dal Lago, Rowe Carpaij, Céline Buholzer

Supervisor: Arif Kornweitz

A time-released group show, for the moment, at the moment. Throughout the day an ongoing performance overexposes individual works. Inside a collectively cared-for space, solo pieces are highlighted. The outside is continuously and patiently making the inside remake the outside. Moving boundaries may be frozen momentarily, but windows for change exist and the future is radically open at every moment.

Keywords: Mixed, Performance