Republic of Amsterdam (1980 – 2021)

Printed matter, ceramics, signage, tapestry

Graphic Design department project

Lisa Arkhangelskaya, Filip Birkner, Ossip Blits, A. Étienne Clerc, Chloé Delchini, Klara Eneroth, A. Alex Feraday, Jim Klok, Johannes Reisigl, Eleonora Šljanda, Helmer Stuyt, Swani Vinton, A. Wieke Willemsen

Supervisor: Sam de Groot

What would things look like in the Republic of Amsterdam? Starting from the premise that Amsterdam seceded from the Netherlands after the coronation riots of 1980, the second-year Graphic Design students imagine the political, economical, social and cultural life in the Republic of Amsterdam. 

Keywords: Speculative History, Parallel Societies, Secessionist Entropy