Lian Bi


Chinese, 1990

Thesis: A dynamic Dog Incarnation

It started with my inability to respond to my mom's sentimental messages.
Through a reflection on Chinese handknitting history,
the exploration of my roots sets off.
I am knitting an imaginative garment,
relieving the longing for warmth and care,
reshaping the mental space,
echoing the asymmetrical expectation between a mother and a daughter.
A hard-working stubborn donkey,
driven by its instinct,
endlessly chasing and searching
The moon gazes inescapably,
witnessing all the joy, sorrow, reunion, and departing,
hanging indifferently in the sky.
I hope one day,
I won't look at time anymore,
I will just hit the road, together with my donkey,
Saying hello to every flower and bug on the way.
Projects by: Lian Bi