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Matilda Kenttä & Linnea Rutz (TXT (Textile) & Graphic Design)

On midsummer nights we sing the Swedish folk hymn ‘Uti vår hage/Out in the fields.’ The lyrics of this song carry an old recipe for abortion: blueberries, lemon balm, lilies, aquilegia, roses, salvia, spearmint. Her body is tree, horse, woman, everything that is wild, everything but man. A hybrid. A hybrid of her-story and longing, desperation, to use when we have no other. A hybrid that places us in the history of mother tongues that sang till now. She is a Rånda. We shape the outside making the future her(s) into our fantasy of becoming everything but man. You should eat all her leaves.

Performers: Tringa Gashi, Elina Birkehag

Keywords: Mother Tongue, Hybrid, Lust