Hon Grét Gulli (she cried tears of gold)

Audio, video, and sculpture

Nathalie Golde Sørensen & Fríða Karlsdóttir (Graphic Design & Fine Arts)

Fornyrðislag is an old Norse form of poetry with a strong storyline passed along orally, person to person, each moulding it to become their own in creating figures and storylines. Each verse consists of eight lines, two and two connected by alliteration. The rhythm resembles a song, easy to remember and ideal to recite. In a contemporary setting, this project aims to revive the (almost) forgotten strong female characters from this poetry by embodying them and creating a narrative derived from personal experiences. The vocally transmitted narrative is accompanied by visual cues suggesting a storyline.

Keywords: Fabulation, Storytelling, Myths, Mythology, Old Norse, Language, Sagas