The life or death of Herman Hartmann


Carmen Chicheley (Fine Arts)

(who failed to write a book, have a child and plant a tree)

Mesdames et Monsieurs, s’il vous plaît soyez prêt pour AronChupa et Albatraoz. C’est parti! Let me tell you all a story about a mouse, named Dilory. Dilory was a mouse in a big brown house. She calls herself the hoe with the money money blow. But fuck that little mouse ‘cause I’m an albatraoz, I’m an albatraoz, I’m an albatraoz. Dilory said she was a mouse smoked the cheese and light it out. Moneyli money money hoe katching katching katching kablow. Dilory was a witch, yeah a sneaky little bitch.

So fuck that little mouse ‘cause I’m an albatraoz.

Keywords: Bewildering, Extravaganza

Credits: Many thanks to Herman Hartmann