Masks of Evolutionary Nostalgia

Media Sculptural masks made from various materials including textile, plastic, metal, computer parts, appliance parts, wood, found materials

Bea Vancaillie & Simon Marsiglia (designLAB)

Masks offer a way to create a personal story as well as to link ourselves to a greater narrative. In this speculative future many materials and technologies of today will become obsolete, outdated or non-existent. Therefore, the materials used in making the masks are a point of nostalgic reflection. The group is unified in this nostalgia, not only for millennial technology, but also for lost spirituality and identity. As we evolve as a species, so will our roles as individuals. The possibilities of human roles, structures and culture are explored through these strong individuals.

Keywords: Future, Storytelling, Nostalgia, Culture, Gender, Hierarchy, Masks, Technology, Nature, Species, Evolution