Enzo Aït Kaci 

Thesis:Zahra and the circulation of online images

360° full rotation

My work can be seen as sitting at the intersection of fashion and graphic design. I research how fashion designers can resist the mass production of online images.

The internet represents the first cultural space I have been fascinated with. Since then, this digital sphere, where information and pictures are easily reproduced and copied, has become my main source of inspiration. I see the internet as a cultural space of high-jacking, where new meanings are added to already existing sources.

For my graduation, I have explored the value of fashion imagery through this digital prism – taking into account the way the videogame industry, information networks and photo-editing software affect fashion production. Along the way I constructed a new system of designing. With the use of technology and craft, I have produced a visual circuit to develop fabric print and garment. The garment circulates in an endless cycle and shifts between analog and digital realities.