Ori van Gelderen 




Instagram: ori_van_gelderenart


Thesis: Ori van Gelderen


I use my imagination to try to understand the world and the people around me. This comes back to the fact that from a young age onwards I’ve understood that people could feel one way but would act another. These kinds of twisted emotions came back in my childhood bedtime stories as I was raised with Egyptian, Greek, Roman mythological stories and Jewish Legends. Tragedies most of them full of mean, lazy and jealous gods and creatures as abstract versions of humans. It was funny enough all human to me. These creatures are portrayed in such a way that I could identity myself with them. These stories explained human behavior and helped me to put the world around me into perspective. I work in concepts. Combining figurative painting, ceramics and other mixed media elements I try to create my own narrative. These can be stories exploring darker topics and emotions. With a big emphasis on metamorphosis. The idea of one thing transforming into something else, a human into an animal or an animal into a human or a monster as a metaphor for our behavior and relationships. The focal point of my work is mostly feminine, figures flowing into each other with rough expressions and emotions, focusing more on overall impression rather than perfection.