Stella Sterk



Thesis: Some advice to myself, and maybe to you, on how to not get stuck in your bubble

'I try to find entertainment in the stains on the floor, or the cracks of the wall. Every time I go to the toilet, I look at this crack in the tiles. Inside there I can see a tiny world made out of small hairs of dust. It looks cozy.
A site specific sculptural space is created, by interacting with flaws that are originally there and introducing the flaws of other related spaces. The objects used, formally abandoned semi-garbage, are instinctively adjusted and connected to each other, expanding their story.
Throughout this process, a variety of simple but fundamental techniques were discovered. Some favorites were: two second glue (that can transform anything into a solid), wood filler (that can fill any hole and transform into any shape) and nail polish remover (that can transfer any text or picture onto a flat surface). These tools helped to put things together in a different way, to take things out of context and to change their meaning.
By continuously searching for something interesting in things that were discarded by others, I’m hoping to spark curiosity in people.
Projects by: Stella Sterk