Noa Bar Orian
Israel, 1994
Thesis: Ambulo Ergo Sum? - on walking 

Perfect Look on a Crowd 

Tidal Body

Crowd Control 

Interior with an open door

Composition withour three figures

Klumpli/ Standing woman on a bed

Man in a chair (Keter) |

Man in a chair (Keter) ||

Man in a chair (Keter) |||

I’m trying to walk on the line between the local and the universal; between the abstract and the very concrete; between the sacred and the profane; the familiar and the uncanny; the private and the public; the banal and the poetic. I want to transit between the mass and the one person; the metaphor and the example; the chance and the contrived.   To look at the overlooked and at the look itself; to find the viewed viewer; to frame the presence of the absence.