Hanne Arends


IG @hannearends

Hanne graduated in July 2023 with two graduation projects: Freddy Marbic and Collective Loneliness. 

Freddy Marbic

"Freddy Marbic thinks he's made of plastic. And what he believes is the truth. Because that's the era we live in."


Freddy Marbic is a massive, handcrafted marble sculpture weighing 600 kg, resembling a lifelike inflatable chair. Arends shares the concept behind her artwork, stating, "Freddy believes he is made of plastic, despite being crafted from solid white Carrara marble. When I point this out to him, he simply ignores it. Freddy is, therefore, made of plastic... We live in a time where opinions are assumed as facts. Freddy serves as a call to maintain a critical perspective on the world around us because not everything is as it initially appears."


Material: White Carrara marble

Size: 90x90x55 cm 

Weight: 600 + kg



Collective Loneliness 


Collective Loneliness addresses the topic that we are more digitally connected than ever, however simultaneously living through an epidemic of loneliness. Despite the many communication tools at our disposal, we have lost the ability to forge genuine connections. This presentation showcases anthropomorphic sculptures that depict this growing solitariness within our over-connected society. 


Material: Ceramic & plaster

Size: 22m2 

Amount: 2700 + faces // 700 kg clay

Technique: Handmade