Alma Teer
The Netherlands

Thesis:A Vestigial Re-velation


The Best Jewellery A Woman Can Wear Is Her Smile

Smiling is one of the most common social reflexes of our time, a communication tool for expressing happiness. But a complexity of emotions lies behind this friendly gesture. 

My family of ‘smile devices’ questions the influence of history, society, social media and sexuality on the social behaviour of smiling. By forcing the wearer to smile I want to create awareness about those habits of our bodies that go unnoticed in daily life.

By exploring femininity through form and material, I want to connect generations of women sharing the same universal experience of being perceived by the ‘male gaze’. 

Reclaiming the power over our bodies, our behaviour and our sensuality without being judged. 

Men passing by telling unknown women to smile. 

Contributing to centuries of expectations imposed upon the female body. 

These pieces tell the real stories that can be found behind a seemingly simple smile.

Finding the right balance between 



and Beauty.


Projects by: Alma Teer