Lauren Fong

Cuba, 29-11-1993


Coded Anima: freediving in-silico

Coded Anima: freediving in-silico is a video installation conformed by a videogame essay, 3D sculptures and digital landscapes rendered physical.

The installation is an animistic expression of loss and longing contextualized by the realm of digital imagery. It embodies the impossibility of finding one’s own place of birth digitally, thus embracing the multiplicity of a digital diaspora, of its poor images, the traces and pixelated stand-ins, the gaps filled in by code or the lack thereof.

This work is a poetic yet futile attempt to recreate lost family memories, to make up for the loss of heritage that is so frequently experienced by the diaspora. Through this process, in the attempt at recovery, the search for oneself can be rendered and thus, discovered.