Nina Blagojevic


Beyond - meet the others

Beyond – meet the others, explores the fragility of our faculty to create symbols and concepts in order to navigate through our daily surroundings – once this ability is threatened, new interpretations come along the way as a friendly reminder that the nature of reality is delicate. The first environment acts as an interface between our world and the creature’s world. As we enter the second environment, we are invited to contemplate and meditate with the creatures, reflecting on the true nature of things, by exploring another form of life, another form of truth. The creature’s world is a place where both environments can reunite and observe each other with candor and acceptance.

Similar to the concept of Yin and Yang, two contrary forces being complementary, the work tries to establish a harmonious relationship between the physical world (ours) and the virtual world (theirs). As we are pulled away from our own reality, a conflict arises, revealing our inability to create balance between the two. The difficult task of letting go of our assumptions is keeping us away from this alternate reality.