Stella Lydaki



Lingering Longing

Maybe one day my longing will become so long that I will untangle it and make a rope out of it—or a chain, a ladder—and use this to cross previously unbridgeable distances.

In this project, I research the gap between language and speech—between the abstraction that is language and the practice that is speech.

Can I translate this gap, which links the inside with the outside? This gap is the silence between words, the space of introspection, a mystery. The ethereality of this gap makes it hard to grasp—it is almost absent, nearly inexistent, wrapped in a silence that no one seems to remember how to break.

Thanks to the isolation we all experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic, we all became more familiar with the inside. The outside became quieter and the inside louder. As the immediate threat of Covid-19 began to diminish, there were questions that remained in me: Where have we been directing our longing in these past years? And what will happen to the remnants of our longings after some semblance of normalcy returns? Will they all suddenly be gone? Or will they still hang about us, like invisible threads?


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