Shifra Osorio Whewell

Shifra Osorio Whewell was selected for Rietveld Review(ed) 2021


United Kingdom, 1998


Thesis: The Devil's Grandmother

Rebecca & Her Daughters

Costumed reenactment, found footage, singing traffic signs, and potato chucking come together in a Newsical broadcast covering the Rebecca Riots:

It is July 13th 1843 and West Wales has suffered terrible harvests, while rents, tithes, poor rates and crucially the turnpike tolls rise higher and higher. Agricultural communities are plunged into dire poverty.

Recalling a blessing in Genesis ‘Let thy seed possess the gate of those who hate them’, mobs of farmers dress themselves as Rebecca to march on the tollgates. In the battle that ensues, fluo fringed gate builders clash with the masked and resplendent daughters of Rebecca.

Projects by: Shifra Osorio Whewell (Fishra)