The continual passage of time is omnipresent, one cannot stop it nor revisit it once it has passed, destruction cannot be undone, the flux of blood cannot be reversed, life moves forward and never  back, the perpetual flux. The photographs in this project are all found, they hail from various sources: archives purchased online, found slides in second hand shops, negatives found abandoned or discarded by their previous owners/creators. The vast array of negatives and positives from which these images have been selected and curated are forgotten and neglected in nature, untitled and lacking in most if not all context. Through this lack of context, one is able to see them in a fresh and mostly unadulterated light, the only adulteration being the past experiences of oneself. Many of these images were originally in colour but have been edited and converted into black and white to focus on form and to create an aura of mystery; lacking the context that colour brings. These aesthetically charged relics of the past interplay with one another and create a fractured narrative with an aura of violence but also stark beauty.