Short Time, High Pressure

“This is it, this is how it must be, it could have been different, but now that the hour is late, the deadline has passed, the opening of the show or premiere of the performance is about to start, there is no way you could still change anything.”

This quote from Jan Verwoert’s Exhaustion and Exuberance describes a feeling of stress, that derives from infinite possible options. Over the last year I have experimented with printing techniques for serial reproduction in a way that has challenged me to make an image in the very last moment before printing it. I either drew with a high pressure water cleaner directly into the mesh of a silkscreen, or with a pen or a brush on offset printing plates, and printed the results. I perceive drawing as a physical practice, that evolves by way of repetition, comparable to frequently visiting a sauna whereby one’s body and mind can adapt to higher temperatures. I am attempting to train the intuition of movement in a moment of pressure, without preparation. By switching the image-production from the screen of a 15 inch notebook to larger printing screens, I focus on developing another relation to scale, color and printing capacities.