Justine Wesselo

Netherlands, 1996


Thesis: 'The hunt is better than the kill'



'You're a loser now'
'Hotter than a car seat in August'
'He spoke truthful lies'
'Touch my garden'
'S = 4'
'Under his skin'
'Daddy's hobby'
'Everyone is a liar in their own reality'
'All I need is me'
'Cupid's cum'

A fictitious crime-scene, an installation by Justine Wesselo. Enter and see. Here one will be confronted with several paintings of various sizes, chock full with colour and mesmerizing movement. The layered paintings peeling back, covering up yet revealing. De-pixilated now re-pixilated. The paintings are displayed between several Pierrot figurines secured to the wall. The Pierrots are aggressively putting on a show and embody the emotion; calmness, light of heart but with a underlying sinister unruly madness, like a sleeping volcano just about to erupt. Just there forever silently waiting. A beacon of light comes from the heart of the installation where a patched-up cardboard house is situated on a Twister game board awaiting a voyeur. Numerous forgotten objects lurk in the house anticipating discovery. One might call it clutter or even rubbish. However, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. By hiding these objects are revealing their truth. All of this put away and boxed in. There are different ways of seeing, different ways of being. Naked Beauty. Unidentifiable women suggestively posing in pictures adorn the walls of the unkept cardboard dwelling. Unrestrained. Unabashed. Naked Truth. Murder in silence, put on display. Memorized in a frozen time.

Now spin my wheel,
Choose your fate.
I’m looking for a good time.