Luca Heydt (he/him)
Germany, 1995


Thesis: You done yet? a personal exploration of pressure

Detested Unrested Attested Arrested 

Detested Unrested Attested Arrested' is a video work that deals with the topic of pressure. We constantly have to face pressure In our everyday lives: to perform at school or work, to conform, to fit in, and the pressure that we create for ourselves. 'Detested Unrested Attested Arrested' confronts these points of pressure and looks at how they influence an individual. In a semi-biographical rap performance, different facets of pressure are being explored; like the pressure that comes with the success of your peers, exploring or coming to terms with your own sexuality and the constantly intensifying pressure of unfinished work and overdue deadlines. 'Detested Unrested Attested Arrested' is both minimal in presentation as well as extravagant in its usage of effects.

For the Rietveld Graduation Show 2022 'Detested Unrested Attested Arrested' is part of a tailor made installation. The installation creates a unique and confronting viewing experience that can only be experienced in person. As the video progresses the physical space changes in relation to the things happening on screen. Through this the video and the space amplify each other.


Behind the scenes pictures by Kirill Zakomoldin.

Projects by: Luca Heydt