France, 1993
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8 is my favourite number

This book presents a collection of rings, T-shirts, polo long sleeves, waterproof bags, non-woven bags, temporary tattoos, and necklaces all designed and produced respectively in collaboration with Silvana Mcnulty, Kaspar Sellin, Paul Girardeau, Axel Lorenc, Dorian Chouteau, Stepan Lipatov and Eliott Déchamboux. Photographs of the collection included in this book are taken by Héloïse Colrat and is the final contribution in the series of eight collaborations. All of the collaborations have been inspired  by various objects such as a ring in Sofia, a similar date of birth, a writing system in Morocco, foot drawings made in Zurich, a waterproof aquarium, long hours spent on Flixbus but more particularly informed by a shared urgency to work together.