Thank you for —

“And last but not least... I want to thank me, for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing all this hard work. I wanna thank me for never quitting. I want to thank me for always being a giver and trying to give more than I receive. I wanna thank me for being me at all time.” — Snoop Dogg, extract of his Hollywood Walk of Fame speech

On the 17th of April 2019, Lou receives a text from her father — he books his flight tickets, he is coming to see the last graduation show of his daughter. After getting this news, she wants to respond with a work dedicated to her family support. She starts to think that it is the end of her studies, to think back about all the things she learnt during the past three years, how much she changed, all the people she met, learnt from, get mad at, cried for, loved, get intrigued by, grateful for, touched by, intimidated by, etc.

“Thank you for —“ is also a reflection on the format of the graduation show, wrapping up a period of time studying, and the medium of thank you speech.