Biotope of a dream

Biotope of a dream is a multi-sensory installation that affects the smell, the hearing, and the vision. You are entering a dreamlike place, a cave long forgotten but not dead, a place that kept on living away from human’s sight. The albino Eels took over the darkness, moving along electric wires and running waters. The installation is about the dream world, and how it influences everyone’s daily life. That place you enter in the night and forget about in the day. It is composed of many elements which we encounter often and that are mixed up together while asleep, and it creates uncanny situations. Dreams attempt to help us understand our surroundings, digest events and anticipate future. I want to create this shock of worlds throughout the material I choose and the modification of the skeleton of the space. There are the «humble» materials like ceramic and glass and their opposite, the «cheap» or manufactured ones made out of plastic and electronics, or a chicken wire structure. The states of the material are also presented in different stages and with their opposite: raw and bisque clay, static and moving water, moldy earth and shiny plastic, darkness and blue lights, smell of burning sage and plastic.