I Found Her In The Kruidvat

I found her in the Kruidvat. She was at work, running around stocking shelves. The moment my eyes caught hold of her, I froze. Then, like a hawk, I started to circle her; never before had I seen something so enigmatic. This face. From the side her profile is like that of a child, everything rounded and innocent.  But when you turn 45 degrees, she appears ancient as if from some forgotten era.

 Her features are not re-miniscent of some aristocratic or classical ideal, quite the opposite. Big nose, big lips, big teeth, and dark eyes set so deep in their sockets that it feels as if you are staring into an abyss. But everything balanced in an unexplainable, exquisite way. You can’t get to her, cannot grasp her entirely, but she is very real. You’ll know what I mean when you see her.

 Unfortunately, these days there are some ethical problems with exhibiting people. But between you and me; I think it's a shame really. I think we are missing out. If only I could just show her to you.