France, 1997
Thesis: Perceptions of reality


InSounds is an installation on which the viewers are invited to immerse themselves in a sensory experience. Combined with each other, sounds create a melody that can be perceived either as music or noise depending on the listener. Trapped within the heart of the installation, speakers are pulsating air which resonates through the skeleton of the structure. With the body connected to the installation, the way the music feels becomes as important as the way it sounds. The work is inspired by “cross-modal sensory” research (the interconnections of our senses) and aims to create a link between science, art, and design. It invites the audience to take the time to appreciate the music, relax the muscles, and feel new connections between sensory modalities. The shape - designed to invite the body in multiple positions, either alone or as a shared experience -, acts as a guide to explore surprising sensations powered by sounds.