France, 1995


Arts and Design have this similar bridge. To communicate ideas by using tools that we, creators are shaping within our own practice.

This project has started from an impulse. A desire to understand how non graphic designers represent themselves towards a given object, a typeface I made, Geomax. This typeface is based on a grid and follows a set of rules shaping its curves for readability but still, offers multiple interpretations.

We are used to look at it two dimensional but what happens when three dimensional comes in the way? What happens when the new generation of artists and designers are taking over a common material to represent themselves within it?

Geomax is the curator of an exhibition where the works of Mathis Broussot, Galatée Martin, Silvana Mc Nulty, and Leo Osmond-Maher comes to echo each other, offering the viewer new interpretations of what a typeface can be.