Feline Hjermind is a visual artist who works primarily with new media and video installations. Her immersive video pieces transport viewers to unfamiliar spaces, where conventional norms and coded behaviours are up for negotiation.

The graduation piece Kinked is a collection of videos that seek to “kink”—bend, warp, curve and twist—familiar images of seduction and desire. The video installation culminates Hjermind’s research into the aesthetics and architectural structures of contemporary mainstream pornography. While respecting most gestures from the pleasure-industry, Hjermind recognises there is an urgent need to denaturalise its narratives and expose it’s repeated construction of stereotyped desires. In Kinked pornographic tropes like the blonde, white bimbo and the domesticated body are imitated, recontextualised and lovingly ruptured.

By grouping and linking multiple video projections together in a single space, Hjermind’s images form a visual vocabulary, moving towards a new sensual semantics.