France, 1997
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Thesis: Breathing in Our Emergent Times

Nested Home

My work is about the passive house that my dad is building in south of France. The wooden sculptures are based upon the actual structures of the house. The prints are a collage/assemblage of different graphical elements of the house that I have been working with these last months. I took elements from cadastral mapping, construction permit, architectural plans, isolation diagrams, permaculture maps, photographs of the house, found footage imagery, etc… I decided to re-contextualise and re-translate parts of these different elements into population of images where the initial intention is shifted.

The Gaia theory introduced by Lynn Margulis about our interdependent relationship with our surroundings is important to my work. In the sense, that all beings and non-living beings on this planet form a nested network which includes as much the microorganism in the soil than the atmosphere. On the same perspective, permaculture is also an important inspiration in my project as of being a context specific approach. It is important for me to tell the story of this specific house and its specific habitat and landscape. Also, the passive housing construction method which is all about placement, isolation, layers, temperature and air flows is important for me.