Alba Boustanji

Dutch/Syrian, 1997

Thesis: Immaterial Thread



'Orphan' is a work based on improvisation that focuses on the space and time in which it takes place. Elements such as spectators, (non-linear) narrative, characters, ‘I’, costumes, objects, sound, physical movement, and intervals play unfixed roles that move in and out of phase throughout the piece and create varying compositions. The encountered characters drive the improvisation and deal with chaos and harmony, death and life; possession, stagnation, congested grief, exhaustion, numbness, confusion, fear, captivity, inner freedom, awareness, release and balance. Every time differently, the knot between the characters - and in parallel between the people present - becomes loosened, or tightened. An important research question is whether a situation as such can create openness towards the depths of our humanness, and towards interconnection within fragmentation.