South Korea, 1993
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<Grisly Cute affairs with seven ghosts, dragon and fish>

Placing herself as “a candidate for the Asian feminized ghost in the near future”, Juni Mun(KR, 1993) pictures a world of Asian Futurism, where your normality does not function. What exists is the continuous encounter between a technologically advanced metropolis and the rich history of different Gods, spectres, and tradition. Eras are not homogeneous and the histories are non-linear. Time gets destabilized and intertwined, and in the meantime, you hear the echo of the bell to the whispers of your ancestors, their spirits reincarnated in a space of thoughts.

Yanking out the ghosts, myths, and rituals from its deeply embedded shadows of history, she investigates the past and the future of the Asian feminized ghosts — depicting the cross points of history and “science fiction” through collecting fragments of the time.

The future is the past and it is coming back with all the Gods we trust in.