Denmark, 1993

Window(s) of Opportunity

In the development of her graduation project, Nathalie has been looking at the surface of the screen as a window of opportunity. A reflective plane that invites you to look beyond. You could easily be fooled to believe that what you see on the screen is a reflection of reality. A harmless mirror, confirming what you already know. But the images you see are polished and constructed to seduce you, and might lure you into taking up residence in this composed world. As the format of the screen steadily proceeds to occupy more and more time in our daily life, Nathalie wonders if the grass (glass) really is greener (cleaner) on the other side of the murky, fingerprint smudged, screen glass. In her work, Nathalie constructs new realities, retouched and animated in order to make them seem familiar, yet out of reach.