Bulgaria, 1992

Only The Sun Comes Up For Free, Pinocchio (2019)

 paper house with drawings and sound

To imagine a new world one has to think of the basics. Shelter, nurture, humour, the self. What do we build once we are done with dismantling the old walls and the old preconceptions? We step into softness and the unknown, we make the self malleable and can curl up in Boyan Montero┬┤s structure which resembles a home, on the outer side white paper, on the inside regurgitating slices of fantasy and talking about the concept of the gift through the language of Drunken Love, Self-Centered Gods, Thirsty Vampires and Snow White. Montero, of Mexican and Bulgarian descent and having grown up in China, seems to be the embodiment of what comes when you give up on the idea that one needs to have a singular narrative. His story overflows and bubbles to the surface and talks of the ambiguity of living in these times.

(Alina Lupu)

Projects by: Boyan Montero