Deadbeat Underdog (a concept album)
1. Nonsense Paralysis
2. On//Off
3. Subway Solitude
4. Room 217
5. Road Rage

Deadbeat Underdog 
A concept album created by Max Morton (France, 1997)

It’s a movie you listen to.

Deadbeat Underdog somehow trusts you and grants you the keys to her brain where a purple velvet sofa awaits you. You’re in for a ride, baby. She tells you “The story you’re about to hear is so much fun. So much fun. I wish you’d be listening to this in a bathtub with the lights off. Be my guest and enjoy the show.” Now that you’re able to hear all of her thoughts you’re also aware of the outside world surrounding her. Oh oops she’s taking a shower, and what’s that? A phone is ringing. It’s Mister Stonewatch, her condescending psychologist who demands her to muffle her heavy feelings and act like a decent human being. Sickened by his grotesque speech, she decides to go against everything he just told her to do. Who wouldn’t want to unmask their naughtiest and most secretive sides of themselves for a day? She does. Free of all societal invisible rules, free to be animalistic and free to be who she really is. Her intense emotions, desires and impulses will guide you through the limitless and cinematic story of Deadbeat Underdog.