The Netherlands, 1997
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Self-Reflection #2

Last couple of months I have been working on a book of charcoal and ink drawings (100x70cm). They tell the story of an island filled with mountains of scrapwood where the inhabitants have build their own primitive society. From the surrounding ocean a large white cube arrives. This cube is their only connection to the world beyond their island. The cube explodes and a new baby is born. 

The story came about through meditating on the feeling of being stuck. A very familiar feeling to all of us, especially because of the past months we've lived through. I believe that stories can be a very therapeutic way of rebalancing people. So the idea was to translate a clear emotion to a visual image through meditating on that feeling and tie the visuals together in a story that people can read. 

Another initial starting point was to make a cinema version of a graphic novel. So to make a large book that a lot of people can read at the same time. So that this kind of storytelling also becomes a communal experience where you flip the pages together. This wasn't possible for now, so the book is binded in smaller books that people can have in their homes instead.