The Netherlands and Brazil, 1993
Instagram: @geraldodsb

Geraldo H. Dos Santos

My work deals with dreams and memories, and it does so in a narrative way. It depicts the mundane things that surround us - the things that, connected to certain images, or objects, or places, might represent one's own subconscious being, or that might trigger melancholic mental spaces. As the creator of my work I am interested in addressing my viewer's personal memories by corrupting their reading of my images - challenging them to make use of their own experiences. My large scale paintings display compositions of parts of found photographs, and aim at provoking a glitch in my viewer's consciousness. With a palette that undoubtedly qualifies as attractive, and an image that qualifies as vulnerable, or maybe even tormented, a contrast is established that functions as a barrier between dimensions. Installed in staged spaces with walls that are painted in colours that lift the surroundings' atmosphere, my work aims at having the capacity to make viewers reinvent their own memories within circumstances of familiarity.