Sweden, 1993




Oh mighty friend, guard for me while you can. Oh mighty friend you suddenly drowned in the moat that I dug only for you yesterday. Poor mighty friend your last drop of air is what I want to have in my bed. I cuddle you harder only to wake up to understand you are a cadaver. Sludge has now taking over my castle. Oh mighty friend, guard for me, the world is such a disaster!

Text written by Josefin Arnell 

"When you have a conversation, become your conversation partner and let them become you. The point you will make together will appear above your join heads. When you listen to a song, make the song with your ears, now you will hear the song clearly. And the song will be held by your ears. When you hold an object, put it inside your hand. Not on but under the skin and put your hand inside the object. Attached to your arm is now a hand-object. And from the hand-object grows your arm."

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