Vukan Žarković



'"Scented" is a film installation that consigns of two video works:

"SYPRIA" - filmed on the sun-kissed island of Cyprus, follows the story of a stewardess who is engaged in smuggling perfume ointments to a pilot suffering from a rare disease. In a “washed out” cryptic landscape, the two characters battle a lonesome routine defined through bizarre rituals, as they both lay torn by the love for the same girl.

"AROMANA" - a boy longing to become part of a motorcycling group leads us into a silver horizon, where we witness the unfathomable struggle of what it means to feel foreign.

A poem is recited.


The viewer is invited to experience a celebration of the senses through two stories that are interlinked in their exploration and focus on questions of belonging. Further moulding metaphors of exile, desire and heartbreak.