This is not a match

In my work I play with expectations and scales as methods to explore structures. My starting point was to create a system to investigate the idea of size by zooming out to and zooming in on different containers:  Starting from the exhibition space, to the scale model, to the shelf, to the folder, to the page. By containers I mean a specific visual space that welcome objects: Files, pages, images, etc. I’m looking at different physical structures with various dimensions. Their format and scale are distorted in order to question the idea of what these structures are, and what they can enclose. Scale up, scale down, zoom in, zoom out, moving around, manipulating: On display are some “tools of distortion” I use to interrogate, organize or display. I reproduce daily life objects commonly used to give an idea of scale, such as matches and coins. By distorting the reality they are in by radically changing their scale, the tools disturb the way one looks at them and the structure they are in, as well they communicate with the objects surrounding them.