Denmark, 1991

Stops and look again.
On the first glance it seems that the installation of David Grønlykke gathers a variety of everyday things, such as packaging materials, food (leftovers), newspaper stock exchange pages, plexiglas, parts of sewage pipes, towels, and an architectural scale model, that lay on the floor (protected with brown cardboard) as if left there out of negligence or stored for potential undefined “future use.” Looking at the constellation more closely, these things start revealing themselves as carefully sculpted objects that are mimicking the everyday things that they appear to be, yet always with a subtle twist hidden in plain sight. The more one looks the more they reveal their uncanny presences.
A rhythmical constellation between a sandwich, a sculpted sandwich, a stock exchange report, and carefully crafted fake ceramic sewage pipes thus stage a setting that whispers how transient flows such as (bio)energy, stock markets, performative surfaces, and real things converge in our everyday lives and how their (im)material presences and (mediated) surface appearances imperceptibly mark our everyday realities. 
-Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec