China, 1988

Everywhere: a Polyphonic Network

In this work I want to create an expansive soundscape using microphone, mixer, reverb and speaker, the architecture of the space and the material qualities of aluminium rod and sheet. Sound is deployed as an agency to address and amplify the resonance between human and non-human spaces and materials (also we might see humans as non-human). In fact, sound is everywhere, we do not always consciously listen and tune into it. I would like to bring forth the indivisible volume of space that creates a strong relation between the viewers-listeners and the surroundings. I emphasise mobility; it is important to allow both performer and audience to veer in variable locations. This creates not only performative sovereignty, but also different spatio-temporal entry points to the sonic environment. Sound is never fixed; it is simply vibrations. Metaphorically speaking, it co-inhabits spaces with us. On the other hand, we all ubiquitously ear-witness, we eavesdrop and overhear the acousmatic, which in turn directs us to places somewhat familiar or somewhat alien.