Preserve Me (part II)

I am standing straight with my arms stretched up, supporting the concrete ceiling. This position is the physical translation of what I feel that is expected of me as a woman in this society:
Be beautiful.
Be thin, but not too thin.
Be successful and driven, but caring.
Be strong, but feminine.

By maintaining these expectations for as long as I have known, I started to feel that I am turning into a structural material. I am supporting this stereotype. I am becoming concrete myself. 

This column, this eternal architectural element carries my burden of expectations.
The composition “Preserve Me” is assembled out of moments in which I tried to make time stand still and preserve my body when I’m stretched out until it is upright and pretty as the society dictates it to be.
This way I’m good enough for the outer eyes that observe me, and for the harshest eyes of all: my own.

Preserve Me, 2017, concrete, 363 x ~40 cm (HxØ)

Preserve Me (part I)

Preserve x 151. 2016-2017. Plaster, clay, silicone, Body Double silicone, concrete. Various measurements.
Photography: Kateryna Snizhko

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