Jieun Kim’s constellation of creatures are on a journey. Suspended from twisted wires, we sense these delicate figures as bodies in constant motion, as if captured in flight towards a destination yet to be defined. Casting a shadow on the walls in the space, we observe a double image of reality and fiction at the same time. On closer inspection, silhouetted images appear kinetically blurred, echoing cells under a microscope. 


As a thoughtful observer of detail, the postures of Jieun’s creatures display a keen awareness of the body in motion, devoid of gender and eyesight. This is further emphasised by the looped animation projected on the adjacent wall in which fragments of body parts continuously wriggle as deliberately fragile lines. Using her own body and that of another performer, the cyclical gesture of rolling and unrolling rolls of paper which contain drawings of her creatures, converges Jieun’s search for physical movement and imagined journeys, suspended in time.


Michelle Son