Denmark, 1990
Thesis: The Match


How can I capture the notion of movement? In visualizing movement in sculpture, I observe the different stages of motion found in a particular shape. These continuously changing forces fascinate me as they reveal that nothing has a persistent place or role within our society.
Focusing on movement, function and material, my works explore the relations between products and our societies. I question how we navigate within systems and how we determine the way in which we interact with these everyday objects.

My graduation piece PLAYGROUND is an installation that plays with the given meaning and functionality of objects and their role in society. It aims to create a dynamic interaction between these characteristics within an object, playing upon their notional, sculptural and the functional aspects. The installation is conceived as a tool to mentally engage with this playground of manmade objects, inviting the viewer to reconsider an object’s position and meaning, freed from the constraints of any preconceived notions regarding their categorization, systems and functionality.