a pillow, a chair, a companion or a toy

Sitting, leaning or pushing an object with the intention of relaxing or for support, turns the object into the receiver of these actions. Receivers of these actions is often seen as furniture. Furniture, has one single purpose, like the chair to be sat down on or the table to rest other objects on. I want to animate lifeless furniture, combining all the furniture and its purpose into one.

“a pillow, a chair, a companion or a toy” suggests a future scenario where a piece of furniture is animated and therefore becomes an actor in the domestic sphere. Its movements allows for communication between the sender and the receiver of actions. Creating a language of movements for furniture, explores the increasing amount of connected domestic objects and the question why we want them to become connected to us.

“a pillow, a chair, a companion or a toy” is big enough to hug and soft enough to invite for interaction, under its smooth and comfortable surface resides a complex fragile mechanical structure. 

The Lagoon of Waterproof Books

(in collaboration with Clara Pasteau)

The Lagoon of Waterproof Books is a platform for sharing texts, extracts, quotes, notes, that  are water-related whether from close or far. Contributions by Manon Bachelier, Orin Bristow, Clara Pasteau, Laslo Strong, selected books from the Rietveld Library. Conception and building by William Eckerstein and Clara Pasteau.