Exposure Times

Version Plural: Light leaks are accepted immediately

Holding large and unusually shaped pinhole cameras is a way to occupy space for long enough to watch sunlight stream through a series of windows and arc across the floor. All around is in transit. In the discontinuous movement of the city, she stands. The ferry is boarding. She stands. The tram takes the corner. Her body is a tripod, is the centre, is sensitised. The camera catches itself making multiple views of a single form, an exquisite object of peripheral vision. Through its pin-hole aperture and mystery chamber, the artist in the city experiences things in ways that are direct and profound: The Curve. The Sun. Time. After many exposures she disperses with representation entirely, looking for pink abstraction on a bus window in the 1:1 scale of photograms. The sun, she says, is so extremely powerful.

(text by Liz Allan)

Photo credits: Gert Jan van Rooij, Nick Hendrix