Republishing of “Light as a Metaphor for Truth: At the Preliminary Stage of Philosophical Concept Formation” by Hans Blumenberg

Notes on Freshness

Aluminium, Neodymium, Steel

Last winter I designed and republished a text, by the German philosopher and intellectual historian Hans Blumenberg, called “Light as a Metaphor for Truth”. The text triggered a personal interest in how light can be depicted and materialised as graphic. From this interest I designed a typographical work, based on curves and strokes, as a graphic interpretation of ‘light’. Later, I used sand-gold ink in my publication as the very manifestation of sparkles, glitters, gleam and refracted light. 

From sand-gold my attention slowly drifted to ice-silver: Using pattern recognition in branding and packaging as the starting point of a series of texts and compositions about ‘freshness’. Both printed matters revolve around metallization – dealing with metallic colours as a manifestation of language – and its multiple interpretations.